With MYNORMATIVE, female-centric fitness is no longer the exception.

With mynormative, female-centered fitness is no longer the exception.

MYNORMATIVE is the only health tracking app that integrates and contextualizes female specific metrics.

Right now, every womxn who uses consumer health tracking software is measured as a percentage of a 70kg, 18-23 year old, white male. And we think that's nuts.

MYNORMATIVE is the first tracking app to measure you as the agender, cisgender, transgender, gender fluid, or genetically diverse person/womxn that you are, for whatever stage of life you’re in.

Our vision is a world where womxn's health and wellbeing are a priority, rather than an after-thought.

If you are an investor or industry leader who wants to get involved in the revolution or would like to learn more about My Normative Inc.'s unique vision please get in touch.

"I couldn't perform the research I wanted to during my undergrad because basic health data specific to women didn't exist—at all!"

MYNORMATIVE is designed around unmet needs—for users and researchers alike—in the female-centered health and wellness sector.